1.1 By using our website and placing your order, you indicate that you agree with the delivery and payment conditions of Autosloperij de Zaag. This means that the delivery and payment conditions below apply and that all other rights and/or obligations as stated on the website come into effect. These Terms and Conditions are also available upon request from:

Autosloperij De Zaag

Zaag 7, 2931 LD Krimpen a/d Lek


VAT: NL 864098911 B.01

Chamber of Commerce: 86821806



2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers and agreements with Autosloperij de Zaag. Autosloperij de Zaag reserves the right to change or supplement these General Terms and Conditions when necessary. Additional terms and conditions may apply to certain offers, products or services.

2.2 Reference to the buyer's general terms and conditions does not apply, unless expressly agreed in writing by Autosloperij de Zaag.

2.3 Buyer is understood to mean every visitor to the internet site, as well as every legal person or natural person who enters into a contractual relationship of any kind with Autosloperij de Zaag. In particular, "buyer" is also understood to mean the person whose order and for whose account goods are delivered.

2.4 Deviations from these terms and conditions must be expressly agreed in writing. Agreed deviations do not affect the validity of the other terms and conditions and never apply to more than one transaction.

2.5 Autosloperij de Zaag has the right to change these conditions at any time.


2.6 All our offers are regarded as invitations to the potential buyer to make an offer. They do not oblige us in any way, unless the contrary is expressly stated in writing in the quotation itself. The order given to us counts as an offer, which is deemed to have been accepted by us only after written confirmation from us (the so-called order confirmation).

2.7 The offers made by us include - in particular with regard to the provisions of the previous paragraph - designs, drawings, models, samples, descriptions, images and the like, as well as any appendices and documents relating to our offers. All of this, as well as tools made by us in this context, remain our property, must be returned to us at our request and may not be copied and/or passed on to third parties without our express written consent. We also reserve all rights that may exist under intellectual and industrial property. If the order to which our quotation relates has not been placed with us within 3 months after the day on which we made our quotation, we can charge the costs associated with making our quotation, including the costs of making charge the buyer for the tools referred to in the previous paragraph.


3.1 The statement of the price and the making of an offer should be regarded as an invitation to the potential buyer to place an order. Autosloperij de Zaag is in no way bound to this order and can therefore not lead to any right to liability on behalf of the buyer.

3.2 The conclusion of the agreement is only accepted: - if the article is in stock. - the buyer has indicated exactly which product he/she wants to receive. – (if it concerns an online purchase) the buyer has entered the data on the internet site and has sent the relevant order form electronically to Autosloperij de Zaag or the buyer has sent the order form with all relevant data by fax. - the buyer has paid for the order in the manner indicated by Autosloperij de Zaag.

3.3 The buyer and Autosloperij de Zaag expressly agree that a valid agreement is concluded by using electronic forms of communication, as soon as the conditions in Articles 3.1 and 3.2 have been met.

3.4 Due to electronic communication, a signature is missing. The buyer and Autosloperij de Zaag agree that the absence of an ordinary signature does not affect the binding force of the conclusion of the agreement.

3.5 All photographs, drawings and images are reproduced as accurately as possible and all information, whether oral or written, is given to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, Autosloperij de Zaag does not guarantee that all offers and products are fully in accordance with the information or images provided. In principle, observed deviations cannot give rise to compensation and/or dissolution of the agreement.


4.1 All prices on the website are in euros and the margin scheme applies.

4.2 The period of validity of offers is as stated on the website and/or while stocks last.

4.3 The costs of delivery are not included in the price. For preparing, checking, transporting and delivering the order, a share of the costs is added to the price of the order. This share of the shipping costs depends on the country of delivery and is stated in the ordering process.


5.1 Unless the parties have expressly agreed otherwise in writing, payment of the total agreed price without set-off, deduction or suspension must be made by the other party before delivery, or in cash upon delivery. Delivery also includes the performance of work. The deposit is part of the invoice and must therefore be paid at all times.

5.2 Payment on account is only possible if the customer is accepted by our credit insurer. The outstanding amount may never exceed the amount accepted by our credit insurer for the relevant customer.

5.3 If the credit company withdraws the set credit for the relevant customer, all previously made agreements will lapse and the outstanding amount must be paid immediately. Follow-up orders will only be shipped if prepaid.

5.4 Standard payment term, if article 5.1 is met, is 14 days. Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. If the agreed payment term is exceeded, a delivery stop will take place until the invoices with an overdue payment term have been paid. For purchases or orders on account, payment must be received no later than fourteen days after the invoice date into a bank account to be determined by Autosloperij de Zaag, without any discount or appeal to settlement or suspension.

5.5 At the first request, to which Autosloperij de Zaag is entitled at all times, the buyer/customer must make an advance payment or down payment, or provide security required by the seller/mechanic for the correct fulfillment of its obligations on a payment by Autosloperij de Zaag. manner to be determined.

5.6 If the buyer/client has not paid the total agreed price or has not paid it on time, he will be in default without notice of default. Without prejudice to further rights of Autosloperij de Zaag, Autosloperij de Zaag is in such a case entitled to charge the statutory interest for commercial transactions on the overdue amount, increased by 2% on an annual basis, per day from the relevant due date. This increase in the amount due is regarded as a condition under which we have granted a postponement of payment, without the obligation to pay per the agreed time lapses.

5.7 If Autosloperij de Zaag is forced to hand over a claim for collection, apart from further claims for compensation accruing to it, all costs included therein, both judicial and extrajudicial, the latter amounting to at least 15% of the overdue amount with a minimum of € 114 will be charged, at the expense of the other party.

5.8 The debts of the clients or buyers to Autosloperij de Zaag are regarded as delivery debts.

5.9 Payment by the client or buyer must be made in “Euros”, unless expressly agreed otherwise. You must settle the amount with DHL immediately upon receipt of the items.

5.10 In the event of non-payment of the order by the buyer within two weeks after the order has been placed, Autosloperij de Zaag is authorized to consider the agreement to be concluded as non-binding and, if necessary, to declare it annulled with immediate effect.


6.1. Goods are delivered to the location of Autosloperij de Zaag, unless the parties have expressly agreed in writing on a different place of delivery. If transport of goods is agreed, the method of transport will be determined by Autosloperij de Zaag. Goods always travel at the risk of the buyer/client, regardless of whether or not the transport takes place free of charge and regardless of whether this takes place from or to Autosloperij de Zaag. Insurance can take place at the request and expense of the buyer/client. Provisions included in the conditions of carriers of products cannot detract from the provisions of this paragraph.

6.2. If the buyer/client refuses to take delivery of the goods offered to him by Autosloperij de Zaag within three days of the time that the buyer/client has been informed that they are ready for delivery, all resulting costs (including freight and storage costs in accordance with the in Autosloperij de Zaag or locally applicable rate) for the account of the buyer/client. From that moment on, the goods will also be at the expense and risk of the buyer/client.

6.3. The risk of goods accepted by Autosloperij de Zaag for the performance of work or otherwise under its management remains with the buyer/client, subject to intent or gross negligence on the part of Autosloperij de Zaag.

6.4. Delivery of barter items

  1. The exchange goods sold by Autosloperij de Zaag to the buyer/client are packaged in a standardized manner. The packaging is given on loan to the buyer/client. Packaging remains the property of Autosloperij de Zaag. The buyer/client must return the packaging to Autosloperij de Zaag undamaged. A deposit is charged on packaging materials, unless agreed otherwise. If the buyer has not returned the packaging materials within 3 months of purchasing the exchange item, Autosloperij de Zaag is no longer obliged to return the packaging/deposit money. This does not affect the obligation of the buyer/client to return the packaging.
  2. When purchasing an exchange item, the buyer/client will be charged a deposit, unless agreed otherwise. If the buyer/client has not returned the old good to be traded in to Autosloperij de Zaag within 3 months after purchasing the trade-in and/or has not returned it in an assembled state and/or has not returned it safely/not completely packed with coolant or oil free, then Autosloperij is de Zaag is no longer obliged to return the deposit charged to the buyer/client. This does not affect the obligation of the buyer/client to return the old item.
  3. The deposit charged is only a symbolic amount. In those cases where the actual value of the old case is higher than the deposit, a subsequent calculation can take place.
  4. Exchange cases are only sold against surrender of the old case. The old item must be of the same brand, construction type and composition and may not be broken, torn, welded or otherwise damaged or incomplete. The vital parts (in the case of an engine, these are the block, head, crankshaft and camshaft) must be able to be overhauled in a normal manner. If the returned item does not meet the requirements, the higher costs will be borne by the buyer/client and a subsequent calculation will take place.
  5. Exchange cases can be supplied with a different oil sump and/or valve cover. In those cases, the buyer/client must transfer the relevant parts from the old item at its own expense, after thorough inspection and cleaning.


  1. Autosloperij de Zaag reserves the right to adapt trade-in goods to its own specifications, if this has a positive influence on the quality of the trade-in good. An example of this may be that in a number of cases we do not supply engines with balance shafts.


  1. For environmental and safety reasons, the buyer/client must pack the old goods to be returned safely and completely free of coolant and oil, at its own expense. The buyer/client is liable for all damage suffered by Autosloperij de Zaag and/or third parties resulting from the incorrect delivery of the old goods to be returned. The buyer/client indemnifies Autosloperij de Zaag in this respect.


  1. Sell ​​with purchase. If, when a new item is sold against the purchase of a used item, the buyer continues to use the old item pending delivery of the new item, the latter item will only become the property of Autosloperij de Zaag after its actual delivery to Autosloperij de Zaag has taken place. . As long as the buyer continues to use the item, this will be entirely at his expense and risk.


6.5. Delivery by us always takes place “ex workshop AG” (Krimpen aan de Lek, the Netherlands) (EXW) and in accordance with the most recent version of the ICC Incoterms.

6.6 The delivery time is the date of delivery of goods or of the work performed as stated in the agreement concluded by the parties, or earlier or later as agreed by the parties. Early delivery is allowed at any time.

6.7 If no date of delivery has been agreed, Autosloperij de Zaag will inform the buyer/client in writing in good time in advance when the goods will be ready for the buyer/client at the location of Autosloperij de Zaag, or when they will be delivered at the agreed location. .

6.8 Delivery times, whether or not explicitly stated, are only approximate and can never be regarded as strict deadlines. Non-timely delivery by Autosloperij de Zaag can therefore never constitute a valid reason for the buyer/client to dissolve the agreement with Autosloperij de Zaag, unless there is an expressly agreed delivery term and this term has been exceeded by more than 60%. Even after this extended term, Autosloperij de Zaag must first be given written notice of default by the buyer/client, whereby Autosloperij de Zaag is given a period of at least one month for compliance, before Autosloperij de Zaag can be in default in this respect. get.


7.1 If the buyer/client, after being given written notice of default, remains negligent in the fulfillment of its obligations towards Autosloperij de Zaag for 14 days, the agreement will be dissolved by operation of law without judicial intervention, unless Autosloperij de Zaag requires performance of the agreement. . The foregoing applies without prejudice to the provisions of Article 8 paragraph 4 of these terms and conditions.

7.2 If the buyer/client has failed imputably in the fulfillment of its obligations towards Autosloperij de Zaag and the agreement has been dissolved for this reason, the buyer/client forfeits an immediately due and payable penalty of 15% of the agreed sum. This is without prejudice to Autosloperij de Zaag's right to demand full compensation and reimbursement of costs of recovery (including the costs as stated in Article 8 paragraph 4) instead.

7.3 If Autosloperij de Zaag requires compliance with the agreement on the basis of paragraph 1, the buyer/client will, after the expiry of the period of 1 days referred to in paragraph 14, issue an invoice to Autosloperij de Zaag for each day that has elapsed since then until the day of compliance. an immediately due and payable penalty of 3‰ of the agreed purchase price. This is without prejudice to Autosloperij de Zaag's right to demand full compensation and reimbursement of costs of recovery (including the costs as stated in Article 8 paragraph 4) instead.

7.4 Without prejudice to the provisions of this article, Autosloperij de Zaag is authorized, without notice of default or judicial intervention and without prejudice to other rights accruing to it, to dissolve or suspend the agreement in whole or in part with immediate effect, if the buyer/client dies or applies for suspension of payment. or files a declaration of bankruptcy or if his bankruptcy is or has been applied for or has been declared. In these cases, any claim of Autosloperij de Zaag against the buyer/client is immediately due and payable in full, without Autosloperij de Zaag being obliged to pay compensation and/or guarantee.

In all cases in which the buyer/client becomes aware of facts and/or circumstances that give him good grounds to fear that he will not (be able to) fulfill his obligations towards Autosloperij de Zaag, he is obliged to immediately inform Autosloperij de Zaag thereof. set.


8.1 Autosloperij de Zaag is only liable towards the buyer/client for damage that is the foreseeable and direct result of an attributable shortcoming on the part of Autosloperij de Zaag in the performance of its obligations under the agreement between it and the buyer/client. Any form of consequential or indirect damage is excluded from compensation. This includes, among other things: trading loss, damage due to delay (other than statutory interest), damage due to depreciation, loss of enjoyment, loss of profit, or loss suffered, damage in connection with costs for towing or replacement transport or rental and lease costs, damage due to extra transport costs, damage to (goods of) third parties, cargo damage, damage due to infringement of patents, licenses or other rights of third parties as a result of the use of data provided by or on behalf of the buyer/client, or damage or loss, for whatever reason, of raw materials, semi-finished products, models, tools and other items made available by the buyer/client, as well as personal or immaterial damage.

8.2 Insofar as Autosloperij de Zaag is obliged to compensate damage pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 1 above, this only concerns damage against which it is insured, or at least should reasonably have been insured, on the understanding that never a higher than the maximum insured or reasonably amount to be insured is eligible for reimbursement. The purpose of the provisions here is to establish a damage ceiling.

8.3 With regard to the condition of the work and/or goods delivered by Autosloperij de Zaag, its liability towards the buyer/client does not extend beyond what is described in the guarantee conditions, as stipulated in article 14. The buyer/client does not have any rights which the law gives the buyer/client not acting in the exercise of a profession or business on that account, such as the right under Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code that the item conforms to the agreement upon delivery.

In all cases in which the buyer/client becomes aware of facts and/or circumstances that give him good grounds to fear that he will not (be able to) fulfill his obligations towards Autosloperij de Zaag, he is obliged to immediately inform Autosloperij de Zaag thereof. set.

8.4 Any other claim for compensation, for whatever reason, is excluded.

8.5 The buyer/client indemnifies Autosloperij de Zaag against all claims from third parties, unless Autosloperij de Zaag is liable in accordance with this article.

8.6 Our liability is limited to deliveries of goods within mainland Europe. Any claim for compensation in connection with a (onward) delivery to a non-European country or an overseas territory of a European country is excluded.


9.1 In the event that the performance of an agreement for Autosloperij de Zaag becomes difficult or impossible as a result of force majeure, he is entitled to dissolve the agreement, insofar as it has not yet been performed, by means of a written statement, with notice to the buyer. / client of the circumstances that make further execution difficult or impossible.

9.2 Force majeure within the meaning of these terms and conditions includes, but is therefore not exhaustive:

  • war or a similar situation, riot, sabotage;
  • fire, lightning strike, explosion, release of hazardous substances or gases;
  • power failure, factory or business failure of any kind;
  • boycott, company occupation, blockade insofar as carried out by others than employees employed by Autosloperij de Zaag;
  • transport restrictions, frost delays, import and export bans;
  • non-attributable failure(s) of third parties engaged by Autosloperij de Zaag for the purpose of executing the agreement;
  • all obstacles caused by government measures;
  • epidemics;

9.3 If a force majeure situation occurs on the part of Autosloperij de Zaag, it will inform the buyer/client as soon as possible, stating whether delivery is still possible and if so, within what period.

  • theft, embezzlement or damage to goods from the warehouse, workshop or other business premises of Autosloperij de Zaag, or during transport;
  • as well as any (other) circumstance that impedes the normal course of business of Autosloperij de Zaag, as a result of which Autosloperij de Zaag cannot reasonably be required to comply with the agreement. The provisions of this paragraph also apply if these circumstances concern suppliers of Autosloperij de Zaag and other third parties engaged by it.

9.4 If delivery has not become permanently impossible as a result of force majeure, but cannot yet take place within a period of 3 months after the agreed delivery date, both parties are entitled to dissolve the agreement by notifying the other party in writing, without one party is entitled to damages against the other party. Such notification must be made within 1 week after the (receipt of the) notification as referred to in paragraph 3 above.


10.1 Autosloperij de Zaag retains ownership of all goods delivered by it to the buyer/client until the purchase price for all these goods has been paid in full. If Autosloperij de Zaag has performed work for the benefit of the buyer/client in the context of the sale, which is to be reimbursed by the latter, the aforementioned retention of title applies until the buyer/client has also paid its related claim in full. The retention of title also applies to claims that Autosloperij de Zaag may acquire against the buyer/client due to the latter's failure to fulfill one or more of its obligations towards Autosloperij de Zaag. However, the transfer of the risks will in all circumstances be transferred to the buyer/client as soon as the item or items have been delivered by Autosloperij de Zaag to the buyer/client.

10.2 As long as ownership of the item has not passed to the buyer/client, the buyer/client is obliged to take out any legally prescribed insurance with regard to the use of the item, as well as insurance against full or partial loss (hull cover). The buyer/client is furthermore obliged to have the delivered good maintained at his expense.

10.3. Autosloperij de Zaag will not be obliged to indemnify the buyer/client in any way against his liability as holder of the item. On the other hand, the buyer/client indemnifies Autosloperij de Zaag against claims that third parties may have against Autosloperij de Zaag and which can be related to the retention of title.

10.4. The ownership of the delivered goods is reserved by Autosloperij de Zaag, as a guarantee for all obligations of the buyer/client and/or its subsidiaries to Autosloperij de Zaag until the moment that the buyer/client has fulfilled all its obligations.

10.5. If items that are still the property of Autosloperij de Zaag but are jointly owned by one/several suppliers because adjustments/processes have already been carried out, they will remain the joint property of the relevant suppliers, to the exclusion of customers/buyers. The ratio of property rights is divided in proportion to the delivered invoice value per supplier to the total invoice value of the joint suppliers.

10.6 The buyer/client immediately assigns all claims obtained from sales of goods reserved by Autosloperij de Zaag on current and future deliveries of goods with all additional rights to Autosloperij de Zaag in order to secure retention of title for Autosloperij de Zaag.

10.7 If a good delivered by Autosloperij de Zaag, of which Autosloperij de Zaag has a retention of title, is imported into another Member State of the European Union, the law of that Member State shall govern the retention of title, if that law contains more favorable provisions for Autosloperij de Zaag in this regard. contains.

10.8 As long as the goods delivered by Autosloperij de Zaag are subject to retention of title, the other party may not encumber them outside its normal business operations; more in particular, the other party is not allowed to encumber the goods in the context of any financing in the aforementioned circumstances.

10.9. The other party must immediately notify Autosloperij de Zaag of any claims or attempts thereto by third parties to gain control of goods on which Autosloperij de Zaag can assert any or co-ownership rights.

10.10 The other party now grants Autosloperij de Zaag the right to enter all those places where the properties of Autosloperij de Zaag are located in order to be able to exercise the property rights.

10.11. The other party is obliged to keep the goods of Autosloperij de Zaag with due care, separately and as clearly recognizable property of Autosloperij de Zaag.

10.12 The other party has the obligation to ensure that the goods of Autosloperij de Zaag are not mixed with other goods, including with a view to the quality assurance criteria and traceability of goods in the production chain. In the event of mixing, Autosloperij de Zaag is presumed to be co-owner of the mixed stock of goods, such for the invoice value of the goods originally delivered by Autosloperij de Zaag.

10.13 In the event of treatment or processing of the goods by or on behalf of or at the other party, this will be deemed to have been done (partly) on the instructions of Autosloperij de Zaag and Autosloperij de Zaag will acquire the co-ownership right in the newly created goods, such for the invoice value of the goods originally delivered by Autosloperij de Zaag.

10.14 If Autosloperij de Zaag cannot invoke its (co-)ownership rights because the goods have been mixed, processed or checked, the other party is obliged to pledge the newly created goods to Autosloperij de Zaag at first request.

10.15 Autosloperij de Zaag is then also entitled to repossess the goods to which it has a retention of title, when circumstances arise from which Autosloperij de Zaag can reasonably deduce that there is a risk that the goods will not be paid (on time), even if the payment is not yet due.


  1. The buyer/client's personal data stated on the order confirmation will be processed by the seller/mechanic, possibly within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp). Based on this processing, Autosloperij de Zaag can execute the agreement and fulfill its warranty obligations towards the buyer/client, provide the buyer/client with optimal service, provide it with up-to-date car information in a timely manner and make personalized offers. In addition, the personal data can be made available to third parties for direct marketing activities for vehicles. Any objection lodged by the buyer/client with Autosloperij de Zaag against the processing of personal data within the meaning of the Wbp for direct mailing activities will be honoured.


12.1 All disputes related to or arising from the agreement concluded with Autosloperij de Zaag will be submitted to the competent court, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

12.2 All legal relationships between the buyer and Autosloperij de Zaag are exclusively governed by Dutch law.


13.1 Autosloperij de Zaag applies a basic warranty of 3 months.


14.1 With the exception of electronic parts, sold and/or delivered used vehicle parts qualify for warranty.

14.2 The buyer can only derive rights from a warranty if he proves that he purchased the item from Autosloperij de Zaag. This proof can be provided by the buyer by submitting to Autosloperij de Zaag the relevant purchase agreement or invoice and, if applicable, the relevant warranty card. If it concerns a good that has been provided with a brand or registration number by Autosloperij de Zaag, the buyer can only derive rights from a guarantee if the intended brand or registration is intact when invoking this guarantee.

14.3 Claims of the buyer based on warranty are not transferable to third parties.

14.4 Autosloperij de Zaag guarantees the soundness and usability of the goods delivered by it for three months after the purchase. The buyer therefore has the right to offer the delivered good to Autosloperij de Zaag for a period of three months in case of defects for replacement or repair, at the option of Autosloperij de Zaag, in accordance with Article 7 of the applicable General Terms and Conditions.

14.5 If Article 4 of these Warranty Conditions and Article 7 of the General Terms and Conditions are met, Autosloperij de Zaag undertakes to repair or replace the item offered for replacement/repair within a reasonable period of time with a comparable item, unless Autosloperij de Zaag does so. is unable, in which case Autosloperij de Zaag will proceed to a cash or bank repayment of the relevant invoice amount.

14.6 The item received by the buyer after repair/replacement is again eligible for the basic warranty (or until the end date of the original additional warranty).

14.7 The buyer cannot claim under warranty:

  1. if the buyer has provided incorrect or insufficient information with regard to the brand and type designation of the purchased item and/or the vehicle for which the part is intended;


  1. The guarantee obligation lapses if the buyer/client does not or has not fulfilled its payment obligations punctually. The buyer/client is not entitled to refuse payment on the grounds that Autosloperij de Zaag has not yet or not fully and/or would have fulfilled its warranty obligations.


  1. The claims under guarantees also lapse if third parties have carried out work related to the work performed by Autosloperij de Zaag without written permission (issued after a quotation announced in advance by the buyer/client) from Autosloperij de Zaag in respect of which a claim under the guarantee is invoked. is being done.


  1. Excluded from warranty are:
  • defects in materials or parts prescribed or made available by the buyer/client;
  • defects that are the result of designs, drawings, constructions or working methods made available by the buyer/client, or advice given by the buyer/client;
  • defects in built-in electronic components;
  • defects in fuel systems if tank and additional components are not flushed or renewed. The warranty also does not extend to repair of engine defects that have arisen as a result of the use of fuels for which the engine is not suitable (according to the manufacturer's instructions on prescribed fuel use) or for which the engine has not been made suitable by Autosloperij de Zaag;
  • engine damage caused by failure and/or incorrect use of the electronic components and/or electronic peripheral events is also excluded from the warranty, as are defects in items that are not material and/or construction defects (such as defects resulting from normal wear, internal and external pollution, rust and paint damage, transport, freezing, overheating, overloading and/or dropping the product);
  • if parts other than those prescribed by the manufacturer are used during installation;
  • if non-original parts were used during installation;
  • if the item purchased has been built into a vehicle for which it was not originally intended;
  • if the item purchased is built into a sports car or a tuned vehicle;
  • defects that arise as a result of: intent, omission of normal or prescribed maintenance, incorrect installation/connection/changes carried out by third parties, poor treatment, incorrect (or other than foreseen normal) use are also excluded from the warranty;
  • There is also no claim under warranty with regard to defects that arise as a result of appendages belonging to the item, but not checked by Autosloperij de Zaag, as well as with regard to defects and damage caused by the participation of a vehicle in competitions or speed tests.


  1. The original warranty period is not extended upon replacement.

14.8 Warranty on engines and/or gearboxes only applies if oil and/or toothed belt and/or filters have demonstrably been replaced.

14.9 No guarantee is given for work and/or parts related to the installation.

14.10 If action has been taken in violation of any other provision of the applicable General Terms and Conditions or Guarantee Conditions, insofar as these are prescribed under penalty of forfeiture of rights.

14.11 The buyer cannot derive any right to compensation of any kind from a warranty, except insofar as Autosloperij de Zaag is obliged to do so by law or the applicable General Terms and Conditions.

14.12 Autosloperij de Zaag has the right to deviate from these Guarantee Conditions if the buyer has been expressly informed of this before concluding the purchase agreement and the deviating provisions have been recorded in writing between Autosloperij de Zaag and the buyer.


15.1 When parts are sold, the Stiba Warranty Conditions and the Stiba General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery apply. Contrary to what is stated in Article 4 of the Stiba Warranty Conditions, a warranty period of three months applies. Delivery and Warranty Conditions will be sent to you on request.

15.2 Delivered parts that subsequently turn out to be unnecessary can be returned within ten days, for which 20% of the purchase price, with a minimum of twenty-five euros, will be charged. With the exception of parts specially dismantled for you; these cannot be returned.

15.3 If there is external damage to the part, the warranty expires. In this case, € 500 for an engine and € 200 for a gearbox will be charged for a return part. Different rates apply for the other parts. These are freely available upon request.

Internet conditions, Acceptance and cooling-off period:

16.1 After the expiry of the trial period of 7 working days, the purchase agreement becomes a fact.

16.2 Unless stated otherwise, after receipt of the order you have the right to dissolve the purchase agreement in writing for a period of 7 working days without giving reasons and to return the order within the same period. Any payments made will be returned within 14 days, including the shipping costs paid by you.

16.3 There is no entitlement to a refund if the product has been used and/or damaged, or the order has been opened and/or is not returned in its original packaging.


You can contact the sales department of Autosloperij de Zaag with complaints and/or tips.