Autosloperij de Zaag has the following quality labels and certificates:

RDW The Netherlands Vehicle Authority

RDW is an executive agency that is governed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. RDW is the Dutch admission authority for vehicles: passenger cars, company cars, lorries, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, etc. Essentially all vehicles found on the public road in the Netherlands and abroad. After all, they are all subject to the mandatory safety and environmental aspects. RDW ensures that this is indeed the case. RDW also acts as the administrator of the basic vehicle registry in the Netherlands. This registry contains details about the vehicle and its owner/holder. Many government organisations and some companies use this database.

KIWA ISO 9001:2008

This standard sets requirements for the quality management system of an organisation and the way in which the organisation handles its quality policy, issued by KIWA in the case of De Zaag.

ARN Auto Recycling Nederland

KZD **

Kwaliteits Zorg Demontage [Quality Care Disassembly] (version 1.5, 24 April 2013)
KZD is a certified quality management system

The mechanic certificate board neutralization diploma DSC01004