Assembly advice for AC compressors

Installation advice for AC compressors Before installation, check the following: Before you start installing, check that:
  1. Whether you have received the correct AC pump type.
  2. Inspect the delivered AC pump for any (transport) damage.
    Extra points of attention:
  1. The AC system must be handled by professional technicians recognised by STEK, for example.
  2. The cause of the damage to the old compressor must be established and remedied. The AC system usually contains the underlying issue rather than the compressor itself. Defect parts must be replaced.
  3. If the oil is not entirely clean and in the case of internally contaminated systems (e.g. grindings), the entire AC system must be rinsed with AC flush fluid in order to prevent wear and clogging of the new compressor. Always take an oil sample.
  4. When installing a new AC compressor, the filter dryer/accumulator and the expansion valve/orifice tube must be replaced. The filter dryer/accumulator must be installed last. Vacuum and fill immediately.
  5. Before installation, make sure the new AC compressor is filled with oil. See point 9.
  6. The AC system must be vacuumed for at least 30 minutes before filling.
  7. Fill the AC system on the high pressure side (D) only to avoid hydraulic shock.
  8. Turn the AC system on and off a few times after a new AC compressor was installed.
  9. TIP: Your AC system must be filled with the correct oil quantity. In the case of a closed system, determine the correct quantities as follows (only applies if your system is not rinsed): After emptying the system, you can read/measure the drained oil quantity. Drain and collect the oil from the old dismounted pump. Add up both quantities to calculate the minimum amount that needs to be supplemented. Attention: Too much oil may cause hydraulic shock!!!
  10. For questions, please contact our sales department.