We often pick up your scrap/damaged car the same day.

Your scrap car is always worth just a little bit more!

Autosloperij de Zaag has several pick up vehicles. So we can usually pick up your damaged or scrap car on the same day. And your car is worth just a little bit more to us! For a damaged or scrap car, we will pay at least € 100. Plus, we will pick up your car FREE OF CHARGE. And you will receive an RDW release of liability from our driver there and then. In the case of an incomplete registration certificate, we can request a Disassembly Code from RDW at our office to unregister the car. Once unregistered, road taxes are halted automatically and the vehicle is no longer assigned to your name. The only thing you will need to terminate yourself is insurance. If you want to hand in your car, you need the 3 registration elements associated with the car: 1. The vehicle certificate is the part that states the details of the vehicle (section IA or section I). 2. The ascription certificate states the name, address and city of residence (section IB or section II) 3. The transfer certificate is the part that you keep in a safe place at home (section II or a copy of section III) With the new RDW regulation (as of 1 January 2014), you may be in possession of a License plate card with an associated Ascription code. If so, please give the License plate card + complete Ascriptions code to our driver. They will forward the codes to our office and will unregister the vehicle for disassembly. Use this form to indicate where and when we can pick up your car. We will always call you back for an quotation and/or appointment, no strings attached.
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