We often pick up your scrap/damaged car the same day.

Have your scrap car picked up in Nieuwerkerk

Would you like to have your scrap car picked up in Nieuwerkerk? Autosloperij de Zaag in Krimpen aan de Lek offers a fast collection service of your defective car in the area of ​​Rotterdam and Dordrecht. We have several collection vehicles ready. With our fast collection service of your defective car, we can often collect your running, scrap or damaged car for purchase near Rotterdam the same day. With us, your damaged car is always worth just a little more when you purchase it!

Discover our service and let us collect your scrap car

Thanks to our scrap car collection service, we will collect the car for free. Our fast pick-up service from your scrap car includes a direct RDW waiver by our driver. If the registration certificate is no longer complete, we can request a disassembly code from the RDW at the office and thus deregister the car. When the vehicle is deregistered, road tax is automatically stopped. The vehicle has been removed from your name immediately. Please note: you only have to cancel the insurance yourself. If you want to have your scrap car purchased and hand it in for our damaged car purchasing service, some documents are required. These documents are part of the procedure for our scrap car collection service.

Contact us for a quick collection service of your defective car

Would you like to use our fast collection service of your defective car or our damaged car purchasing service? Do you have a scrap car and would you like to have it collected? Please contact us now our car scrapyard on! Complete the form below to indicate where and when we can pick up your car. Our scrap car buyer will always contact you for a no-obligation quote and/or appointment.

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