Installation advice for manual gearboxes

To avoid any problems, please take the following into account: 1. Before installing, check
  • Whether you have received the correct box type.
  • The delivered box for any (transportation) damage.
  • All oil seals for leaks. When in doubt, replace.
Extra points of attention:
  • Oil plugs: Fit the filler, level and drain plugs with new seals.
  • Filling the oil: Always adhere to the dealer specification for viscosity, filling quantities and the filling procedure. Attention: Some gearboxes have multiple oil systems, make sure that all systems are filled correctly.
  • Check: The oil level after the test drive and check for leaks.
  • Comply with (dis)assembly instructions according to the factory details (tightening torques, etc.)
  • Oil seals and any included thrust bearings are not covered by the warranty.
  • Return the old gearbox to Autosloperij de Zaag (unless otherwise agreed).